Milagro Position Update

It is Tuesday, June 8, 2021 and everything is fine here. We moved almost 15 miles south today to Bahia Candeleros. We are parked in front of the Villa Del Palmar resort so I imagine Judy may have a “resort day” planned for our near future. We are set at 25 43′.395N, 111 14′.298W in 23′ over sand. The OAT is 90F and the pool 81F. The water is clear enough that we can see our anchor lying on the bottom. A 6kt breeze from the NE is helping to mitigate the 90 temp but all the cabin fans are running at max speed as well. Still, I think there’ll be some splashing around before much longer. Unless something comes along to change our minds, I reckon we will be here the remainder of this week. We are considering several options for the coming weekend and will let you know.

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2 thoughts on “Milagro Position Update

  1. Michael Gould

    Hey Michael,Hello from Gate 11 – this is Michael Gould!  I have been watching you and Judy travel around for years and always enjoy your emails.  I know Covid adjusted your typical cruising schedule this year – are you planning to stay in the SOC thru the summer this season?  Have you done that before, just curious how manageable the heat and weather are doing that time of year.  I am planning/hoping to start my cruise next year, and will probably mirror what you and Judy have been doing  – yachts and RVs. I wish you all the best!Michael

    • Wow! It’s been a long time since Gate 11 for us so it’s really great to hear from you, Michael. Our first couple of years cruising down in the SOC we did stay through the summer. That experience taught us that summers here are not for us. Since that time our routine has evolved until what we do now is to leave the boat in late June or very early July, and return in the first half of November. And, we are not alone. Something along those lines is what the vast majority of cruisers in this area do as well. And for the same reason – it’s just danged hot during the summer. Even the water temps get high enough that swimming offers little relief. Still, there are hardy souls who do remain year round but those folks obviously have higher tolerance for heat than we do. Or, maybe, nowhere else to go. With A/C, one can berth at a marina and hide in the air conditioned cabin but we tire of being “cave” dwellers pretty quickly. And, with most folks bailing out during that time of year, there’s not much socializing available either. We’ve occupied ourselves in various ways during our off the boat time but that has evolved as well. As you know, we now have a motorhome to go to (much better than motels or couches at one relative’s or another) and sometimes travel a bit with it and other times park it in a National Forest and “camp” for weeks at a time. It seems to suit us well enough. Email us direct anytime at The phone number listed on the “contact us” page of the blog is correct and you are invited to call us any time. We’d enjoy hearing about your progress and would be happy to share anything about this area that might interest you. Please stay in touch!

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