Milagro Position Update

Today is Wednesday, 16June21, and all is well here. We can even stop grousing about the heat and humidity – for now. Not that there isn’t plenty of both. It’s just that we did make the move to San Carlos and are now plugged in to shore power at Marina Real. With the A/C now running full blast we can hide from the nasty ole heat and humidity. Our passage was the usual mixed bag of conditions. The first 12 hours was a brilliant sail on smooth water. However, the wind then went away and the sea turned itself into washing machine type waters: choppy and confused. The wind never did return in any usable fashion though the seas did finally settle about 6 hours later, with the dawn. Milagro is settled at 27 56.751’N, 111 05.546’W. When we landed the OAT was 89F(it’s 95F as I write this), the pool 85F and the humidity 71%. Wind SSE@9. We will putz around here for a week, or so, as we do a few chores and make Milagro ready to be left alone for a few months. We have good wifi and cell coverage so maybe (just, maybe) I will get around to adding some photos to the recent posts on the blog site ( Thanks for coming along with us during this very much shortened cruising season.

Marina Real at San Carlos

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