Milagro Position Report

Today is Saturday, 12/18/21 and all is well here on the Milagro. Today we slipped the lines and got ourselves out of the marina. Under way at 0700 we beat against 15kt N winds to get out of La Paz Bay before turning SE into the San Lorenzo channel where we found winds 20-25G28 with 3′-4’seas under wind chop. Pretty sporting conditions which made moving about the boat difficult and risky. Happy to have that behind us we dropped the anchor at 1610 in Bahia de los Muertos (Bay of the Dead) with 23kts still blowing. We are at 23 59.296’N, 109 49.576’W in 30’over sand. The OAT is 77F, the pool is 76F and the blessed wind is still blowing 23kts. Not sure just how long we are here as we assess the uncooperative weather to choose the timing of our next move. If we are smart that probeably means Wed, Dec22 but I’m not certain we’re that smart. Standby and we’ll see.

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