Milagro Update

It is Sunday, 1/10/22, and all is well here. After a quiet overnight at Chamela we set out for Bahia Tenacatita, about 30nm south and a very popular winter anchorage for many cruisers. Winds L&V over mostly mill pond seas made for a comfortable passage. We spied a small pod of whales also moving south, and one of them treated us to a Sea World style leaping show. We also caught our first fish of the season. Sadly, although a very sporty fighter, the Jack Crevalle we landed is unsuitable for eating so we tossed him back. Not long after anchoring we had another whale experience when a female gave birth to a calf right in the anchorage and no more than 50yds off our bow. Several dolphin have also patrolled through. We are at 19 18.030’N, 104 50.143’W in 32 over sand. It is 100% overcast with high level stratus, the OAT is 80F, 75% humid, its 80F in the pool. The wind has been NW at 10 but has now shifted to SW. We intend to remain here until the 15th when we will move a few more miles south into the marina at Barra de Navidad.

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2 thoughts on “Milagro Update

  1. Karen Crowe

    Wow! Watching a whale give birth? That must have been fascinating! We love Tenacatita. Enjoy the dinghy rides. Hope the palapa’s have made it back to the beach. Also good snorkeling over there.

  2. It was, Karen. Mother lay at the surface for a time while calf alternately nursed then surfaced for air. Only one palapa has returned so not much in the way of choices. Beaches and s orkeling remain the same, though – very nice.

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