Milagro update (finally)

Today is Tuesday, 15 February, 2022 and all is well here. And just where is “here” you may well ask. Yes, as you may have suspected, I have missed a few posts. I’ll try to catch us up now. We spent a full month in the marina at Grand Isla Resort, Barra de Navidad while reaquainting ourselves with the cute little town of Barra. It had been at least 4 yrs since our last visit. We had been planning to head back norh for almost 2 weeks but the N winds just would not settle enough to do so. Until now. While conditions were way less than ideal it was the best weather window to come along with nothing better for at least another week. So we battened the hatches and untied the dock lines. The N winds were predicted to be untenable again by Wed morning so we chose to push right on through to Banderas Bay without stopping. 126nm @ 5.5kts planned makes it a 23hr flight and that’s nearly exactly what we got. Conditions were mostly fine however we had about 6hrs of 15kt headwinds with the resulting sea state making for a lot of pitching and sea spray. That ended as we passed Cabo Corrientes so all in all, the passage wasn’t bad. At 0715 our anchor was set outside the marina at La Cruz de Huanacaxtle at 20 44.933’N, 105 21.849’W in 25′ over sand. The OAT is 71F with 70% humidity. It’s 77F in the pool with a 2kt breeze from the NNE. Plans are still being debated but Judy needs to go to States for a bit and I may go with. If so, we’ll park Milagro in one of the marinas. If not, I’ll stay right here with Milgro. Either way, Milagro will hang out here until heading back to La Paz in a month, or so.

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