Milagro Update

Today is Wednesday, Mar 30, 2022 and things are good with Milagro and crew. As expected, we spent 3 weeks stateside while Milagro chilled at the La Cruz Marina. We returned on Mar 9 and did a few boat chores while watching the weather for a chance to dash for the Baja. Several weeks passed with no such opening and it was now time for the annual Banderas Bay Regatta. Participating in that event was good friend Patsy on her Gulfstar 50, Talion. Since we were nearby, Patsy insisted I crew and even found a parking spot for Milagro at Paradise Village, the host marina. So, there we went. After 1 practice day we ran races 3 days in a row. Despite a very poor performance on race day 1, by the end of the event we had managed to pull off a 2nd place finish in our class. Pretty cool. By that time the weather offered an opening and we left for the Baja a few hours after finishing the last race. After 54 hrs of motoring over flat, windless seas, we landed at Ensenada de Los Muertos about midnight on Monday, 28 March. After 2 relaxing days here waiting for another blast of N wind to pass thru, we will continue on to La Paz at dawn tomorrow. There we will take the mooring and spend a few weeks. Currently it is 77F, 66% humid, pool is 70F (brrr) and there’s a N breeze of 15kts gusting to 20. I do have some photos to post to the website if ever I have suitable bandwidth to do so. Hasta pronto.

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