Milagro Update

Today is Wednesday, 4/27/2022 and things here are good. We left Isla Coronados yesterday and crossed over to the mainland, landing in Bahia Algadones at very first light this morning. At least, there seemed to be a twinge of lightening possibly visible on the eastern horizon – so that counts, right? It was a very civilized crossing and absolutely perfect for our trawler friends. That’s right, no sailing. Winds <5kts and (mostly) flat seas. So here we are, anchored at 27 57′.013N, 111 05′.96N in 30′ over sand and just outside the entrance to Marina Real at San Carlos. OAT is 72F, pool 72F and wind is NE @ 10. We will move into the marina on Thurseday or Friday. Chip and Amy are arriving Friday to load up our personal stuff and drive that and our car back to the US for us. Once that’s all done we will cross back over to the Baja and begin our “Farewell Cruise” back towards La Paz. Yes, there have been tears and likely there will be more.

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