Milagro Farewell Tour Update

Today is Tuesday, 5/3/2022 and all is well here. As advertised, we spent the weekend in Marina Real where, with a great deal of help from Chip and Amy, we removed most of the personal stuff we had accumulated over the past 16 years. Pretty shocking just how much “stuff” there was. At dawn Monday they headed back to PHX driving our car and theirs while we moved out into Algodones Bay. From there we left this morning at 0300 for Bahia Concepcion to join up with several friends already there and begin Milagro’s Farewell Tour back to La Paz. It was the usual mixed bag of conditions but a pretty good passage all in all. Winds along the rumb line were too close hauled most of the way but motorsailing just above idle still netted us 6kts. Near the end, the wind clocked around enough to allow pure sailing under main and Code 0 and here we made 7-7.5kts. Entering Concepcion we were surrounded by a pod of hundreds of dolphins escorting us in. THAT is how you start a farewell tour! Now we are anchored at 26 51′.895N, 111 50′.936W in 23′ over sand at Bahia Santo Domingo. OAT is 83F, pool is 77F and wind is 11kts from the E. In the morning we move deeper into Concepcion to join our friends.

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One thought on “Milagro Farewell Tour Update

  1. Mary Berman

    Michael, pls keep my email and let’s connect on land soon. Want to show you Maverick and NOT lose touch.

    Mary Berman

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