Milagro Farewell Tour Update

Today is Wednesday, 5/4/22 – “May The Forth Be With You!” And things here are good. We motored 10nm deeper into Concepcion and joined friends Bret/Marne (SV Liahona) and Gary/Angie (SV Nivasi) at Playa El Burro. This is also the Liahona’s Farewell Tour as she is sold and on her way to be delivered at San Carlos. Also, today is my birthday and tomorrow is Bret’s. We happen to have celebrated our birthdays together for each of the last several years so it seemed only right that we make it happen one last time. For another bit of trivia, we were last here in 2013, our first full year of cruising these waters, and now in our last. THAT was an exiting event with a crowded anchorage, a big T-storm and winds gusting to 50kts. But, that’s a story another time. Enough of the drivel, on with the show. We are set at 26 43′.765N, 111 54′.274W in 16′ over sand. OAT is 84F, the pool 77F and we have a NE breeze of 4kts. Current thinking is that we will hang out here through tomorrow and continue our Farewell Tour on Friday by moving further south. Veremos Uds entonces.

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