Milagro Farewell Tour Update

It is Friday, 5/6/22 and all is good here. We enjoyed the time with our friends at El Burro, celebrating my birthday at Bertha’s on the beach there and Bret’s at JC’s out at the highway. One was more quiet than the other but both were fun. Played some cards and even made some new cruising acquaintances. Today we began the march south toward La Paz and the end of our journey. On flat, flat water in a SE breeze of 5kts, we motored our way to La Ramada. A beautiful little anchorage on the N side of Punto Basilio and around that corner from the even more beautiful (and extremely popular) anchorage at San Juanico. At 1550MDT our anchor was set at 26 22′.907, 111 25′.878 in 16′ over sand. OAT is 83F, the pool 77F and the SE breeze continues at 4kts, and…we are the only boat here. Nice. In the morning we resume our southing to land in the Loreto area. Pending a look at the latest forecast (once we are in range of the Loreto cell tower) we hope to park in front of the resort at Loreto Bay, S of Loreto at Point Nopolo. The last forecast we saw indicated conditions favorable for that roadstead anchorage which has long been one of our favorites. We expect to rendezvous there with more friends that we know are currently in the area. Bueno, hasta manana, amigos.

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