Milagro Farewell Tour Update

It is Tuesday, 5/10/22 and all is well with Milagro and crew. After several days enjoying one of our favorite anchorages and saying our good-byes to boating friends met there as well as local friends ashore, we continued south today. The morning began with heavy, wet dew and low hanging clouds on all of the surrounding mountains – very beautiful. If it weren’t so warm and muggy you could imagine yourself in the PNW. That cleared to winds L&V over flat water until just a couple of miles from our destination where the winds pinched between the Baja and Isla San Jose and gradually increased to about 10 kts on our tail. At 1722MDT our anchor was set in the north lobe at San Evaristo, 76nm from where we started our day. We’re at 24 54′.812N, 110 42′.158W in 25′ over sand. OAT is 83F, the pool 75F and a N wind is running at 9kts.
San Evaristo is a tiny fishing village where we have friends living ashore. We also have a story from here involving goats that you should ask us about one day. Lots of goats. Manana we make our move into the Bay of La Paz with Bahia Falsa our target. It’s near the approach to the LP channel and a place we usually spend our last night out in order to prep Milagro for the marina. We will respect that tradition this one last time on this, our second to last leg of the Farewell Tour.

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