A few recent photos

i am sooo far behind with regards to adding photos on this blog. In my defense, I am often posting via a pactor modem and ham radio and its just not possible. Other times, when we do find internet or cell coverage, the bandwidth is inadequate. Or, i just forget. 🙄 So, here are a few random photos we have taken recently.

Anchored at Pt. Nopolo in front of Hotel Loreto Bay
No pole wing on wing running north in the San Jose channel
Bertha’s on the beach at El Burro
Early morning departure in Bahia Concepción. Fishing panga making wake is our very good friend Bret (SV Liahona) headed out to try his luck.
Wait. how did this get jn here?
Pod of Orcas in the San Jose Channel near the entrance to San Evaristo. Cannot get the photo of orca passing just feet from Milagro to load so this one will have to do. for now.

I edited this photo by cropping out the unneeded edges and adding arrows and text pointing out the whale visible just below the surface. As I look closely at it, possibly, two whales. This goofball WordPress app just will not see it in the library and therefore I cannot upload it. <sigh> What we have instead is the raw photo and I guess I should just be grateful for that as WP refused to upload IT yesterday. So, finally, you can see just how close the whales came to us. Like, wow, yes!?

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