Milagro Farewell Tour Update

Today is Wednesday, 5/11/22, the last sea day for this crew and the Good Ship Milagro. We left San Evaristo in following winds less than 5kts on mirror smooth, flat seas. A light fog (or moisture haze) combined to create a sensation of “floating in space” for nearly the entire passage. 30 mins out from our destination, crossing the San Lorenzo Channel, an E wind of 15kts developed and stayed with us right into the anchorage. At 1435MDT our anchor is set in Bahia Falsa at 24 15′.452N, 110 19′.135W in 29′ over sand. OAT is 85F, the pool 75F and that E wind is blowing 15kts. After several weeks of the last this or last that, this is our last night “at sea”. Early tomorrow morning we will proceed into nearby Marina De La Paz where we will begin the final phase of prepping Milagro for new management. As many of you may also have done over the years, we have completely changed directions in our lives before. Each time all those “last times” were followed by many “firsts”. While, after 17 years of Milagro being our only home and nearly 10 of those years plying Mexico’s waters, it is hard to imagine us not doing this, onward we go. Expectantly and hopefully, looking forward to more great “firsts”. Thank you all so much for being part of this journey with us.

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One thought on “Milagro Farewell Tour Update

  1. Karen and Tim Crowe

    So bittersweet. Thanks for the farewell tour and all the memories. We hope you enjoy whatever the future brings. Safe travels.
    We will miss seeing you as we begin our voyages again this Fall.

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