That’s a wrap folks. The Farewell Tour plays its last gig.

Today is Thursday, 5/12/22 and all is well here. As advertised, Milagro and her crew migrated this morning into Marina de La Paz, the very last leg of our Farewell Tour.

The E wind petered out just after sunset last night and we enjoyed a very peaceful last night at anchor. Riding the last of the flood tide into La Paz we slid uneventfully to our last landing with Milagro. My last “last landing” involved fire trucks and crossed streams of salute from their water cannons but not this one. No hoopla. No ceremony. Just a quiet, smooth landing without any drama. I’ll take it.

We will take a little time now to relax some and to work a bit as we prepare Milagro to weather any nasty periods that the coming hurricane season might conjure up. We will visit some of our favorite restaurants as well as say our adioses to the few friends who have not already left for the summer season. Not sure how long that’ll all take but we aren’t approaching this phase with our hair on fire. If I had to guess I’d probably say 10 days, maybe a bit more.

You should notice that I have finally added a few photos to the blog (scroll down), mostly from these last couple of weeks. We hope they help you to feel just a little of how special we feel our time here  has been.

So that’s it. The Farewell Tour has been completed and just like that, we are no longer cruisers. Marina queens for another week, or so, sure.  But cruisers is just one more thing that we used to was. 

Once Milagro is put to bed, our immediate next concern is planning and then executing a cross country tour with Gilda all the way to east coast. Yes, our motor home is named Gilda. The journey will include popping in on family and friends, visits to Civil War sites and other points of interest and (Judy’s crowning achievement) a whole month in the RV park at Disney World in Florida. Yay.

I’m not sure what to do with this blog going forward. For one, the URL will no longer be right as anything we do will no longer relate to or include the SV Milagro. Then, I’m not sure that any MH wandering we might do would be of sufficient interest to anyone to warrant trying to document it. We will have to give that some thought. 

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