An Era Ends

At 0912 MDT Judy locked Milagro for her very last time.

After living aboard Milagro for 17 years, nearly a full 10 of those in the waters of Mexico, we left with the last of our personal belongings this morning for the last time. Add “sailors” to the growing list of things we used to be.

Yes, there were waterworks.

That makes today the first day of the next chapter in our rather mediocre lives. While we don’t yet have a clear plan, should this one turn out to be half as good as our last several then we should definitely be OK.

For now then, it’s adios amigos.

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2 thoughts on “An Era Ends

  1. Karen Crowe

    Well done, you two! We’ve enjoyed the travels and adventures and will keep up the Gate 11 legacy.

  2. Dave and Michelle

    AH MAN, we are so sad. We ALWAYS looked forward to those awesome reports. Well, onto the next chapter, whatever that may be. We are sure you will have a great time. And yes, if its traveling across the states, we would love to hear about that too. We hope to talk to you soon when the dust starts to settle, and you get into your new routine. Until then…. Cheers.

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