What’s next?

You probably were wondering just what we would do with the Milagro chapter now behind us. No? Not at all? I can’t say I’m surprised or that I blame you but I’m going to pretend you wondered anyway. Sorry.

In June we exchanged our beloved Safari Serengeti motorhome Gilda for a slightly newer motorhome. The new girl is Graycie. Graycie is painted in several shades of gray and Gray is my mother’s maiden name so she became “Graycie”. Although the two coaches are almost exactly the same length, Graycie has 4 slide out sections where Gilda had only 2 making Graycie more spacious and roomy. Since we will be spending much more time in a motorhome than we ever did before, the extra room was definitely appealing. There are many other differences as well, some we appreciate, others leave us missing our old coach though, on the whole, it was definitely a move up.

I intend to put together a specification page soon that will describe Graycie in boring detail. In the meantime, however, let me introduce her. She’s is a 2006 Tiffin Allegro Bus 40’ long that spent her early years in Wisconsin. Since that time she has passed through several owners and shows signs of not having been loved in recent years. We think she might appreciate a little TLC and that’s where we come in.

We’ve now lived aboard her for nearly 2 months and in that time have taken two shakedown cruises. We have finally found places to put most things and are much more comfortable with her now as we prepare for the big journey ahead of us.

In the coming weeks you will hear mostly boring details of our travels and probably see many photos of food. Some people eat to live but we’re not those people. We’re the other kind. Our route will take us to see family and friends, spend time at a large RV rally, visit civil war battlefields and, most importantly (for Judy, at least), spend time at Disney World in Orlando, FL.

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One thought on “What’s next?

  1. Dave and Michelle

    Great to see you guys out and about!!!! We miss seeing your travel blogs. We too have a Class A and a Honda CRV. Twins again 🙂 Hope to catch up soon…

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